Page Speed and Google June-July 2021 Core Algo Updates

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Google’s John Mueller was requested if the June and July core algorithm updates had been associated to web page velocity. John Mueller supplied an summary of core updates then famous how issues could be associated to hurry.

Multiple Google Updates in June and July 2021

The June Core Algorithm Update rolled out in June 2021. But there was additionally a Page Experience Update that was launched in addition to a the June 2021 Spam Algorithm Update.

Attributing rating fluctuations to particular web site adjustments or hyperlinks throughout a core algorithm replace could be sketchy as a result of some rating drops won’t have something to do with web site adjustments and be completely coincidental.


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Any rating fluctuations in June 2021 can be much more tough to attribute to anyone form of web site change, given what number of adjustments had been made within the algorithm that month.

Google’s John Mueller Considers the Question

Google's John Mueller considers question

Google's John Mueller considers question

Were the Core Algorithm Updates Related to Page Speed?

The individual asking the query gave the impression to be looking for affirmation of observations that many individuals had that web page velocity gave the impression to be a standard high quality in websites that gained rankings in the course of the June and July 2021 algorithm updates.


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This is the query:

“I read online that people said that they’ve seen an uplift after the June core update.

They’ve also seen one for July as well.

For us it wasn’t the same.

What could have reverted in July? Could it be related to speed?”

Speed and Core Algorithm Updates Were Separate

John Mueller first famous how web page velocity and the core algorithm updates had been separate.

John Mueller responded:

“Speed…As far as I know, these were essentially separate and unique updates that we did.

So we call them both core updates because they affect the core of our ranking systems.

But that doesn’t mean that they affect the same core parts of the ranking system.

So from that point of view, it’s not the case that if you see a change …during one of these updates you will always see a change during the other one as well.

So from there, I wouldn’t assume that they have to be related.”

Could Page Speed Affect Ranking Changes in June and July 2021?

Mueller subsequent affirmed that velocity could be a cause for some rating adjustments.

John defined the connection between rating adjustments and web page velocity:

“…Could it be related to speed?

Things can definitely be related to speed because the whole Page Experience Update is something that I think started rolling out in June.

So in July you might still see some changes there.

But the core update itself isn’t something that I think is related to the page experience update.

That’s kind of a separate thing.”

Multiple Summer 2021 Updates

In May 2021 Google launched an up to date model of Keras-based TF-Ranking, a platform for researching and creating new studying to rank (LTR) fashions and get them into manufacturing rapidly.


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That was adopted in June and July with a number of spam and algorithm updates. Are they associated? Google doesn’t know.

But the tempo of algorithm releases has quickened to notably this summer season.

Because Google launched a number of updates in June and July 2021, it could be tough to isolate particular adjustments and attribute rating fluctuations to the core algorithm replace.

Google’s John Mueller nevertheless emphasised that velocity may positively be associated.


Were Jun and July Core Updates Related to Page Speed?

Watch John Mueller reply the query on the 30:10 minute mark:


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