John Mueller on Keyword Placement on a Page

Google’s John Mueller answered a query about the place to place key phrases in order that Google understands what the web page is about. The context of the query was of a one that was involved about find out how to talk to Google the which means of a 20,000 phrase article.

Will Putting Keyword Focus at End of Article Be Enough?

The particular person asking the query requested a lengthy query that touched on Googlebot’s viewport and the location of “focus keywords.”

The coronary heart of the query requested was primarily concerning the placement of key phrases throughout the internet web page and that’s what John Mueller responded to.


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This is the query:

“I have a page where there is a lot of content, say 20,00 words… and my focus keyword is on the bottom of the page.

How will it impact the ranking?”

Long Articles and Ranking

It could also be tough to rank lengthy articles, significantly for aggressive key phrase phrases.

A protracted article could introduce a number of subtopics, with completely different sections of the positioning being so divergent from the primary subject that they might stand alone as a person article.

The particular person asking the query has a good motive for asking about key phrases in a lengthy internet web page.

It’s not a straightforward factor to attempt to rank for one key phrase phrase utilizing an awfully lengthy internet web page.


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Where to Put Focus Keyword So Google Understands the Page

John Mueller’s response was to listing a number of necessary elements of a internet web page the place the key phrases would possibly higher talk what the online web page is about.

Mueller didn’t explicitly advise to make use of each single HTML Element to hammer the key phrase phrase.

He appeared to simply listing all of the locations that is perhaps helpful to speak what a internet web page is about.

Make up your individual thoughts although.

This is how John Mueller answered the query:

“So… I would recommend that if there’s something that you want to tell us that your page is about, to make that as visible as possible.

So don’t just put that as a one-word mention at the bottom of your article but rather:

  • use it in your titles
  • use it in your headings
  • use it in your subheadings
  • use it in captions from images

All of these things, to make it as clear as possible for users and for Google when they go to your page that this page is about this topic.

So that’s kind of the direction I would head there. I would not worry about can Google get to the word number 20,000 or not.

Because if you’re talking about the word 20,000 and you’re saying this is the most important keyword for my page, then you’re already doing things wrong.”

How Google Can Understand What a Page is About

Mueller completed his reply through the use of the instance of a web site customer with the ability to perceive what a web page is about as a strategy to perceive whether or not a internet web page is obvious or not.

Mueller’s response:

“You really need to make sure that the (kind of the) information that tells us what this page is about is as obvious as possible so that when users go there they’re like yes, I made it to the right page, I will read what this page has to tell me.”

Think Like a Site Visitor

Mueller’s recommendation about utilizing the completely different internet web page parts to speak what a web page is about is nice recommendation. However, in case your focus key phrases don’t actually match up with the paragraphs and pictures they’re describing then that is perhaps a sign that perhaps the online web page is just not concerning the focus key phrase in spite of everything.


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Secondly, conceptualizing web optimization questions when it comes to how a web site customer could react to a web page is a helpful strategy to discover solutions.

When doubtful, don’t ask how Google would possibly perceive or react to a web page, however relatively attempt to see it as a person as a result of many occasions that’s how Google is knowing the web page as effectively.

If a person can discover a solution on the web page then Google ought to be capable of perceive that the web page incorporates the reply as effectively.


Mueller Tells Where to Put Keywords on a Page

Watch Google’s John Mueller reply the query at concerning the 5:15 minute mark:


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