Google on Using Multiple Types of Schema Markup on Same Page

Google’s John Mueller goes over what web site house owners have to find out about utilizing a number of varieties of schema structured information markup on the identical web page.

While that is an appropriate search engine optimization apply, there are some do’s and don’ts for attaining the specified outcomes.

This matter is mentioned through the Google Search Central search engine optimization hangout recorded on July 2.

A web site proprietor asks what to do with a web page that may be categorised as an FAQ, a how-to, and an article. Should they add all three varieties of schema markup or only one?

Here’s what Mueller recommends.

Multiple Schema Properties: Do’s and Don’ts

There are two facets to contemplate with regards to utilizing a number of varieties of structured information markup on one web page.


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The first is to observe Google’s tips by ensuring the schema properties match the first components on a web page.

If the first content material is a recipe, however there’s a small FAQ part on the backside, then it wouldn’t be right to incorporate each recipe and FAQ markup.

“There are two aspects here. From our guidelines we want to make sure that the structured data you have on your page matches the primary element on your page.

So if you’re saying that you can add an FAQ to a random page on your website, sure you can do that. But is this FAQ the primary part of the page? Or relevant for the primary part of the page? That’s something that you kind of need to figure out. So that’s one aspect.”


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The different side to contemplate is that Google’s wealthy outcomes can mix sure varieties of structured information markup however not others.

A recipe wealthy outcome can even embrace a star ranking, for instance. But an FAQ wealthy outcome can’t be mixed with a how-to.

“The other aspect is that, in the search results, some on the rich results types we can combine and some of them we can’t combine. So, for example, if you have a recipe and you have ratings then we can often combine that in the search results, in one rich results type.

However, if you have an FAQ and you have a how-to, then at least from what I recall what these look like, these are things that wouldn’t be combined in a single rich result type, which means our systems would have to pick one of them to show.

And maybe we’ll pick the type that you would have chosen or maybe you would have a different preference on your side.”

If there’s a particular kind of wealthy outcome you need proven in search outcomes, then Mueller recommends focusing on the markup that’s related for that outcome.

Leave out the how-to markup in case your precedence is to earn an FAQ wealthy outcome.

“And if you have a strong preference on your side I would just make that super clear to us by just providing that kind of structured data.

So if you’re saying: “oh the FAQ results, I really like those for these pages. They’re super relevant here, but it’s also kind of an article, and kind of a how-to.” Then I might simply focus on your most popular one. Kind of the FAQ in that case.

Or when you’re saying the how-to is de facto the best way that I wish to have this web page proven in search, then I might focus on that kind.”


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