Google Cautions Against Using Too Many Internal Links

Google’s John Mueller explains that utilizing too many inside hyperlinks on the identical web page can dilute their worth, and goes over what to do as an alternative.

This matter is mentioned in the course of the Google Search Central search engine optimization hangout recorded on July 2, 2021.

A website proprietor submits a query asking if there are any risks related to utilizing an extreme quantity of inside hyperlinks.

The matter of exterior hyperlinks comes up typically throughout these hangouts, however not often is the impression of inside hyperlinks ever mentioned.

Internal hyperlinks are necessary for search engine optimization as they ship indicators to Google about which pages are most necessary to a selected web site. They don’t ship the identical rating indicators as exterior hyperlinks, however they nonetheless matter.

In addition, Google makes use of inside hyperlinks to raised perceive a website’s construction. A sitemap may also be used to speak that info, however a logical construction of inside hyperlinks helps make it even clearer.

With all the assistance inside hyperlinks present, may too a lot of them be a nasty factor? Here’s what Mueller says.


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Google’s John Mueller on Using Too Many Internal Links

Using inside hyperlinks too liberally all through a web site can result in issues. The first problem is Google received’t have the ability to perceive the positioning’s construction.

When requested if too many inside hyperlinks on a web page do extra hurt than good, Mueller responds:

“Yes and no. I think, in the sense that we do use the internal links to better understand the structure of a page, and you can imagine the situation where if we’re trying to understand the structure of a website, with the different pages that are out there, if all pages are linked to all other pages on the website, where you essentially have like a complete internal linking across every single page, then there’s no real structure there.

It’s like this one giant mass of pages for this website, and they’re all interlinked, we can’t figure out which one is the most important one. We can’t figure out which one of these are related to each other. And in a case like that, having all of those internal links, that’s not really doing your site that much.

So regardless of what PageRank, and authority, and passing things like that, you’re essentially not providing a clear structure of the website. And that makes it harder for search engines to understand the context of the individual pages within your website. So that’s the way that I would look at it there.”


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The second drawback is utilizing too many inside hyperlinks will dilute their worth.

One inside hyperlink can sign to Google {that a} web page is necessary to the web site, nevertheless it begins to appear much less necessary as extra hyperlinks are added.

If there are twenty inside hyperlinks on a web page then they received’t all be handled with the identical significance as if there have been just one or two hyperlinks.

“And similar to the second question you had there, with regards to internal links doing more harm than good — yes, if you do dilute the value of your site structure by having so many internal links that we don’t see a structure anymore, then that does make it harder for us to understand what you think is important on your website.

And I think providing that relative sense of importance is sometimes really valuable, because it gives you a little bit more opportunity to kind of fine tune how you’d like to be present in the search results.

If you tell search engines pretty clearly and directly, well this is my primary page, and from there you link to different categories and the categories link to different products, then it’s a lot easier for us to understand that if someone is looking for this category of product, this is that page that we should be showing in the search results.

Whereas if everything is cross-linked then it’s like, well any of these pages could be relevant. And then maybe we’ll send the user to some random product instead of to your category page when you’re actually looking for a category of products.”

According to Mueller’s recommendation, website homeowners ought to goal for having a construction to inside hyperlinks that resembles their very own website’s construction.

That may probably appear to be: homepage > class web page > companies web page > request a quote web page.

Or in case you’re including inside hyperlinks to one thing like a weblog article you can add contextual hyperlinks to associated articles on the positioning.

While some inside hyperlinks are good, extra isn’t higher. You’ll ship stronger indicators with fewer hyperlinks.

Hear Mueller’s full response within the video under:

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