Embedded Links in Featured Snippets is a Bug

A search marketer in India observed what seemed like a check in Featured Snippet. One search marketer referred to as it “shady as hell.”  But in response to a assertion from a Google spokesperson, that is a bug and never a function.

The alleged check concerned embedding hyperlinks to extra Google searches from inside a web site publishers content material that is in the featured snippet.

These sorts of hyperlinks are referred to as Search Refinements. Embedding a search refinement inside a featured snippet was not properly acquired from the search neighborhood.


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Search Refinements

A search refinement is when Google helps customers refine their imprecise searches. Vague searches can imply many issues, so restating the search question to be extra correct results in higher search outcomes.

So if somebody searches for Lollipop, Google will refine that search to fulfill customers who’re in search of lyrics to the music, a video of the music or variations of the music by completely different musical artists.

What Google is testing inside the new featured snippet is a variation of search refinement that alters a publishers content material in order that the hyperlinks to subtle searches are embedded inside a publishers net content material.


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Featured Snippet Bug

In India a seek for “Cyber Security Course” outcomes in a featured snippet that has hyperlinks to extra Google searches inside the content material from the web site that’s displayed in the Featured Snippet.

The tweet about it was not properly acquired in the search neighborhood.

I used to be in a position to replicate it by switching to an Indian IP and certainly there have been hyperlinks to different Google searches embedded inside the featured snippet.

Google Confirms Embedded Links in Featured Snippets is a Bug

I reached out to Google to inquire about what was occurring and so they emailed again to tell us.

It seems that this is not a check. It is a bug.

According to a Google spokesperson:

“We can confirm that this is a bug and is not intended behavior for links on featured snippets. We are actively working on a fix.”

Bug in Google Search

A bug in programming is when one thing unintentional occurs. The technique of figuring out what is flawed and fixing it is referred to as debugging.

For awhile there many individuals thought this was an precise check and it sort of says one thing about how the search neighborhood feels in that many simply believed that Google would check such a factor.


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