Allstate Car Insurance Review for 2022

Allstate Car Insurance placed last in our ranking of the best insurance companies and has the highest premium rates out of all the companies we reviewed.

Allstate Positive & Negatives

Is Allstate Car Insurance Good?

Allstate Car Insurance has the lowest common rating in our find out about and consequently may additionally no longer be a correct choice for most drivers. We surveyed present Allstate Car Insurance clients to analyze greater about their experiences with the company.

Our survey printed that Allstate clients are normally much less probable to renew their coverage or advise Allstate to different drivers. Based on that survey, we additionally determined that Allstate Car Insurance additionally has below-average ratings for purchaser carrier and claims handling, although acquired marginally higher rankings than some of their competitors.

High quotes are some other cause for shoppers to remain away from Allstate. Compared to different insurers we reviewed, Allstate’s common top class costs are the absolute best and 35% greater than the countrywide average.

It’s really worth noting that Allstate’s customers had been typically comfy with bargain opportunities. When reductions are factored in, some drivers might also locate that Allstate’s charges turn out to be greater competitive. If you’re thinking about Allstate, their easy-to-use free quote feature can assist you decide they’re a right suit for you.

Allstate Car Insurance Customer Service

Compared to the different auto insurance plan groups covered in our survey, Allstate Car Insurance ranks seventh location for purchaser service. Only Progressive and Travelers obtained decrease scores. Sixty-two percentage of the Allstate clients protected in our survey have been totally at ease with their service. An extra 18% had been typically satisfied.

While Allstate’s customer service scores aren’t remarkably low on their own, data from our survey shows a significant difference between customer satisfaction rates. Nearly 81% of USAA customers and 71% of State Farm customers reported being completely satisfied with their customer service experience.

Allstate Car Insurance Claims Handling

Allstate Car Insurance performs better in our claims handling category than it does for any other category in our survey. In our list of Best Insurers for Claims Handling, Allstate Car Insurance ranks sixth out of nine, beating out Travelers, Progressive, and American Family.

Among the customers surveyed, nearly 55% report being completely satisfied with their Allstate claims handling experience, and nearly 22% reported being generally satisfied. However, several companies received much stronger claims handling scores, with USAA (76%), Nationwide(74%), and Geico (71%) leading the pack.

Company Customer Loyalty

Allstate Car Insurance ranks ninth for our Best Insurer for Customer Loyalty category, setting it in the back of all other auto insurance plan corporations in our survey. Though there are various reasons a purchaser may also pick out no longer to renew their policy, our survey printed that decrease prices and a sturdy customer-first method are in all likelihood linked to excessive client loyalty scores. Allstate’s terrible patron delight rankings and excessive insurance plan charges possibly contributed to their low client loyalty rankings.

Of the customers we surveyed, only 36% were very likely to renew their policy with Allstate. This is a stark contrast to top performers in this category. For instance, 71% of USAA customers and 75% of State Farm customers were very likely to renew their policy.

Company Complaints

It’s not uncommon for any insurance company to receive complaints about rates, customer service, and claims handling. Allstate Car Insurance customers voiced many of those typical complaints.

Respondents who were not happy with their Allstate Car Insurance experience frequently expressed issues with slow response times and difficulty getting in touch with their agent.

  • “Slow to respond”
  • “Don’t feel that customer is priority”
  • “The local agency was great. The claim center did not communicate thoroughly “
  • “Just difficult getting responses in a timely manner”

How Much Is Allstate Car Insurance?

Allstate Car Insurance has the highest rates among the auto insurance companies we reviewed. The average driver can expect to pay $1,788 for coverage, which is 35% more than the national average. Generally, drivers are likely to find better rates with other companies we reviewed, like USAA, Geico, State Farm, and Travelers.

As phase of our study, we additionally analyzed charges for exclusive driver demographics primarily based on age, using history, insurance preferences, and savings score. Allstate’s quotes weren’t specially low for any demographic, however their prices have been barely greater aggressive for teen drivers.

Keep in mind that car insurance rates are based on many factors and can vary based on your vehicle, zip code, age, and the type of coverage you need. Before you purchase a policy, get an idea of where premium rates start for your demographic and compare several rates quotes.

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