Today, it is vital that your business has an online presence to help provide existing and potential customers with current information, from opening times to the newest products. Ignoring the impact of an online brand and not having a functional website means you could miss out on a significant number of leads and that you are failing to future-proof your business.

In this article, we will look at the 7 reasons every small business needs a website.

1. Let People Know of Your Business’ Existence

Unless you have a prominent position on the high street, then you may need to increase the number of people who actually know about your business. Even if you do have a great physical location, an online presence is still vital for anyone who doesn’t venture into the city center much.

Failing to have a website limits the amount of exposure your business has, which obviously makes little sense. Even if you lack experience, there are many powerful website-building tools, such as Elementor, available to help you along the way.

A standout design, navigation, and user experience set the tone for the rest of your business, and when combined, this can help generate more sales.

2. Show Why People Should Use Your Business

If you offer great service or sell digital products, then you should shout this from the rooftops. This means letting people know about your business by any means possible, including via a website and on social media.

Your website can act as a digital brochure to make it clear why your business is the one they need to use. Create a portfolio to display the impressive projects you have delivered, launch an eCommerce store to reach new customers, or just use it to provide customers with updates, keeping them engaged.

A website can be used in many ways and is one of the best advertising channels available. A fully functional website is probably also a lot cheaper than you may think.

3. Be Found on Google and Other Search Engines

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In this day and age, almost everyone relies on Google or similar search engines to answer their queries. Failure to list your business on Google and not having somewhere to direct potential customers can limit the potential growth of your business.

Google also adjusts its search results based on location, so if you are one of the few businesses that deliver a specific service in your physical location, then you could miss out on some great exposure.

Once you have developed an effective website, be sure to claim your listing on Google My Business so it can add you to Google Maps and customers can quickly locate your details online.

Search Engine Optimization means you can target specific keywords relating to your business, so anyone searching for similar queries can find your website. This is one of the best weapons for any small business that wants to boost its marketing efforts.

4. Develop a Brand

All the top businesses have a killer brand that helps them get noticed and stick in people’s minds. A website is vital for really reinforcing this brand and gaining exposure, at a much lower cost than physical advertising.

Try to develop a brand voice and tone when creating the content for your website. This can help customers immediately associate certain phrases with your brand, putting across a strong message that defines you as a retailer or service provider.

5. A Website Helps To Streamline Your Business Efforts

Do you have numerous ideas but are struggling to implement them?

  • Perhaps you want to delve into email marketing but haven’t yet created a substantial mailing list.
  • Maybe you want to sell products online, but the cost of listing items across popular marketplaces is off-putting.
  • Or maybe you want an improved booking system to help manage your clients a little easier?

Well, a website can help you achieve all those goals in a very simple and streamlined manner.
7 Reasons Every Small Business Needs a Website

Source: WooCommerce

  • Cleverly placed calls to action can prompt users of your website to sign up to a mailing list, allowing you to inform them of new offers or changes within the business. This can be done in a very non-intrusive way, developing a list of valuable contacts who genuinely have an interest in your business.
  • You can create your very own eCommerce store, allowing you to sell products online while paying no third parties. Using a content management system such as WordPress, for example, allows you to install plugins such as WooCommerce, that can help create your online store with very little effort. WordPress plugins offer a range of functions, from compressing images, cache API, and more.
  • An online booking system can be put in place so that you are instantly notified of any bookings or service requests, with any new appointments immediately added to your calendar. The perfect solution for improved organization and client management.

6. Give Your Business Credibility

Does your business require you to be an authority in your chosen industry? If so, then the best way to show your knowledge and expertise is with a blog, creating valuable and interesting content that can establish you as a thought leader within the industry and a trusted resource that they can rely on.

Combined with a powerful brand, excellent functionality, and an impressive Google ranking, your business can grow at a rapid rate and target previously unreachable audiences.

7. Be Contactable 24/7

7 Reasons Every Small Business Needs a Website

Source: Freepik

It is impossible to be contactable all the time, but having a user-friendly website that incorporates a few handy features allows your customers to communicate with you 24/7.

Simple automated emails can respond to any queries sent via your website, reassuring customers that their message was received and will be acted on as soon as possible.

Or you could go one step further with a personable chatbot. Bots of this kind can be programmed with a wide range of automated responses, using AI (artificial intelligence) to select the best response to any question posed. This means customers can seek help at any time of day, letting them know that a human representative will be in touch shortly if needed.

Online features like this are great for maintaining the happiness of your client base and showing that you, as a business, care.

Thank you for reading.

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